Weather/Lightning Safety Policy

Fox River Grove Recreation Council Threatening Weather and Lightning Policy

Revised May 2012


Lightning is one of the more consistent and underrated causes of weather related death or injury. Most lightning related deaths or injuries occur between May and September and between 10 am and 7 pm which is especially relevant to the timing of Rec Council outdoor events. Fox River Grove Recreation Council adopts a safety first policy with respect to threatening weather.

  1. Threatening weather conditions and/or lightning shall result in the immediate suspension and/or cessation of on field game or practice activity. Due to the lack of lightning safe, enclosed structures, all Fox River Grove fields will be cleared of all persons in lightning conditions. All players, spectators, coaches and officials are to move to an area of safety (i.e. house or a motor vehicle). Areas around the concession stands are not considered safe areas. Only FRGRC staff shall be allowed into the concession stand area or maintenance sheds while lightning is in the area and only when absolutely necessary.
  2. Dropping off players by parents or guardians is not permitted until the threatening weather has cleared.

  3. The 30 minute rule will be utilized when lightning is sited or thunder is heard. All on-field activity shall be automatically suspended for a minimum of 30 minutes and participants shall seek appropriate shelter as described. On-field activity shall resume only after a 30 minute lightning or thunder free period and when it is reasonably determined that additional threatening weather is not imminent. The 30 minute count shall be restarted after each subsequent lightning or thunder occurrence.
  4. Games scheduled to start while lightning is sighted will be cancelled if the delay due to the activation exceeds 30 minutes past the game's posted starting time. These games shall be rescheduled to be played in their entirety. Games that are in progress shall be suspended during the 30 minute time out. Games may be resumed for delays lasting no more than 30 minutes. Resumed games shall not be played beyond 15 minutes of the original scheduled stop time. For delays lasting greater than 30 minutes, suspended games shall be resumed at a later date per league policy.
  5. League coaches shall follow the established 30 minute rule for practices and shall delay or cancel practices in consideration of the utmost safety of FRGRC participants.
  6. FRGRC Directors are responsible for monitoring weather conditions and for coordinating evacuations to safe locations. FRGRC Directors shall make final decisions on the suspension, cancelation, resumption or completion of play. (Coaches can make the decision to evacuate the field in the event of bad weather, but they must receive approval from a Director before a game is cancelled. Cancellation of practice is at the coach’s discretion.)