Soccer Head Coach

1 per team

Duties may include but may not be limited to:

  1. Participate in the draft (if applicable to your level), to select teams that are balanced across the league.
  2. MUST participate in any coaches’ clinic, where league rules, suggested training methods, etc… will be presented.
  3. Responsible for all communications to your team regarding practices, games, rules, etc….
  4. Responsible for scheduling and leading weekly practices (1x or 2x a week).
  5. Responsible for managing the team at all games (home and away)
  6. Responsible for notifying the team if there are changes to the practice or game schedule, or cancellations, due to weather, etc….
  7. Responsible for communicating with the League Level Director, or Soccer 
  8. Director on any issues.

All Head coaches must sign a coaches code of conduct form, stating that they will coach with the best interest of the kids in mind at all times, and will abide by the rules and regulations of the Rec Council.

All Head coaches will be subject to a background check. This is a yearly requirement for all FRG Rec council coaches. Results of this background check will be kept confidential - only an approval or non-approval will be provided to the Rec Council.

Fulfilling the duties of this position will qualify for a full refund of your $50 volunteer fee for that season. Just registering for this position does not qualify for your refund.

You must complete the activity to qualify for your refund. 

Also, since head coach is more time consuming, you will be refunded the registration fee of the child you are head coach for. (One registration fee credit per family, per season.)

Also note, that as the number of coaches needed is based on the number of teams in the league for that season, registering for head coach does not guarantee that you will be one.

If more people volunteer than are needed, the overall league soccer director will make a final selection. If you are not selected as a head coach, you will be given the opportunity to be an assistant coach, or to select a different volunteer activity.

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