Picture Coordinator – All Sports (Fall & Spring Soccer, Basketball, T-ball)

Volunteer is responsible for setting up, coordinating, and getting forms & pictures to all head coaches. Volunteer is primary contact person for PMI and for coaches/parents.

  • Work with Sport Director to establish a date and a location for the pictures to be taken. Be sure to select a date that allows for the final product to be delivered to parents before the end of the season.
  • FRGRC Volunteer Coordinator will provide the Picture Coordinator with the names & contact info of Sport Directors and head coaches.
  • If the picture day location (or rain out location) needs to be inside (e.g., ARS gym), Picture Coordinator must complete and submit the appropriate form to District 3. (Form attached.)
  • Contact PMI to set up picture date. 847-526-3003 or pmisports@pmisports.com
  • Work with Sport Director to put together a picture day schedule by league/division/team.
  • Communicate all necessary picture day details to coaches so they can get the info to their teams.
  • Distribute picture forms (which PMI will mail to Picture Coordinator) to all coaches well in advance of picture day.
  • Be present at picture day to ensure things run smoothly.
  • Have PMI mail all pictures to Picture Volunteer.
  • Volunteer should distribute all pictures to coaches before the end of the season.
  • Resolve any picture-related issues with parents and/or PMI.

Fulfilling all the duties of this position for each sport will qualify for a full refund of the $50 volunteer fee for any FRGRC sport.

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